“Style – All who have it share one thing : Originality.”

About us

THIS IS FADED THE LABEL – A Hong Kong-based Lifestyle/Fashion eCommerce store offering carefully crafted accessories and gifts that reflect a style that is playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical. Comprising of two distinct yet harmonious parts, This is faded offers custom designing services for weddings, party and event, as well as a delightful range of products designed in-house and retailing in store.

At THIS IS FADED we believe in pairing utility with design; we support and explore art as a means of inspiring your day-to-day backdrop. We aim to provide the simple gesture of wrapping your tech devices in contemporary designs and prints to elevate your life and surrounding spaces.


Custom Design

Our custom designing services are focused on conceptualising, designing and delivering bespoke accessories for customers to add a personal touch to an important event. Through working closely with our customer, our collection complements and enhances a special occasion by creating the first impression and setting the tone of how fun, ethereal or glamorous the event will be.



Our shop features crisp colours, fashionable lifestyle pieces and charming typography in the form of stylish and clean designs, lined envelopes, fun prints and practical gifts to compose lines of products for the modern woman and those around her. Pick up a piece for yourself and send one to a special someone – you might just touch a heart today.

We inspire individuals to express their personal style while promoting a movement that motivates creatives, innovators, and anarchists to let their light shine.