Hello you darlings, As the new year approaches, we also would love to bring you guys more beautiful and practical accessories and items that you would want to use, display, write on, share your love through and buy for others. And, we want your suggestions!

So go on, tell us here below, or email us at hello@thisisfaded.com, or on our instagram or facebook, all the things you can dream up and want us to create — notepads for doodling, scribbling, writing endless lists of to-dos? Typography postcards? Lunch clutches designed by us suitable for work and play? Blank invitations for your baby showers, birthday bashes, dinner parties? Posters for home? More neutrals, more gold? Ring-bound notebooks?

Hit us up, cos we really want to hear from you! :)


thisisfaded 3-min
thisisfaded 3-min