Bespoke Faded MacBook Skin

Bespoke Faded Macbook Skin

There are lots of grey, dull looking MacBooks accessories out there, and neither should you feel that way! That's why Faded has created custom designed MacBooks skin to add some of
your own unique and cool personality to your everyday MacBook friend. From the low
key minimalist to trending hipster, Faded have got your MacBook covered (literally) to
create it unique to your taste. With a philosophy of being playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical, Hong Kong-based lifestyle and fashion e-eCommerce store, Faded provides an array of unparalleled unique and trendy craftsmanship that would leave people happily opening
up their bespoke looking Macbook.
Whether for everyday use or a special event, Faded MacBook Skinz creates and work with
you to create a special and unique design for every occasion and lifestyle. With sleek
and stylish designs to crisp colours, that would wrap your MacBook like a glove, Faded
Macbook Skinz will entice your creative side and bring out innovation in all things have done on your Macbook.

Easy To Apply - The Faded Macbook Skin is easy to apply as no tools are required, simply peel, stick and press, and you're ready to go. They fit your MacBook like a glove just as they would your lifestyle and personality.
Scratch Resistant - The skins are scratch resistant which acts as a protective outer layer because we know
all too well how easy and annoying it is to scratch your Macbook!
Light as a Feather
Faded wouldn't want to add any bulk or weight to your Macbook, so rest assured that the feather-light skin will virtually add no weight but are still tough!
No Mess - Faded Macbook Skinz peel off without leaving any sticky residue or mess behind, so
you can enjoy your post application Latte instead of cleaning up.

Faded Macbook Skinz are not just an accessory but compliments your lifestyle with ease.