5 reasons why you need a macbook skin

Get a new MacBook and looking to save it from scuffs and scratches but don't want a bulky case or bag to tote it around into keeping it safe then? picking up and sticking on the skin might b your best way to go. At Faded.Store, We have gotcha covered. 

  1. Protection - Don’t leave your MacBook vulnerable to cuts and scratches. Macbook skins are a great way to keep your laptop looking as good as new.
  2. Aesthetically pleasing - Probably the main reason (and the only reason) why you should be owning a MacBook skin - it just looks good.
  3. It’s not as bulky as a MacBook case - It literally adds zero weight to your already heavy MacBook.
  4. Express yourself - A Macbook skin can help show off your style and personality, whether you prefer crazy prints or a more minimalist design, there are plenty of options out there.
  5. If you really wanna protect your laptop, you can also use a clear transparent case to show off your skin design -  If you would like extra protection from an unlikely event that your drop your MacBook, you can also get a transparent hard case so that your MacBook skin can still be seen.

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